Thinker, researcher, author, poet and activist for peace, T. K. Abdul Razack is a unique person who has a long record of silent public service. His style of life and work is entirely different from others. Born in an ordinary family in a village in Kerala, India, his early life was one of sufferings, constraints and setbacks. He never got any support or encouragement from any quarter. After a brilliant academic career, he accepted a life of service sacrificing a comfortable future as a government servant. He showed interest in everything which is directly or indirectly helpful for a good and peaceful life for his fellow-citizens. He never cares for publicity, monetary benefits or recognitions. He works without any media highlights. And he never supports violence, indiscipline and disorder of any kind. He has acceptable and practicable solutions even to the most delicate and complicated problems we face. Though he leads a simple and single life he has grown into a movement and an institution, and a ready storehouse of ideas. That is Dr. Abdul Razack. This website unveils the many-slandered aspects of his versatile personality, attainments and contributions.

He thought deeply and seriously on the problems faced by the human society; traveled widely, went through hundreds of books on various subjects and topics. And he began to serve people contacting many voluntary agencies and NGOs accepting an adventurous life sacrificing a resplendent future as a bureaucrat. Many eyebrows were raised by the elders and well-wishers. He did not get any encouragement and help from any quarter, and experienced great mental agony. Suffering and struggling for living as a free citizen he worked as hotel boy, palmist, shopkeeper, bookseller, peon. attender, clerk, manager, house visitor, night watchman, tuition master, health worker, nature care practitioner, inmate in an ashram, teacher in a school,, research worker, trainer, hostelman, worker, warden, administrator, care-taker, director, principal etc. in different places in and outside Kerala State.

Starting from student – days, he worked for poverty alleviation and other socio-economic objectives from grassroots level, having experience as a silent constructive worker. His contributions for national integration and communal harmony among the people of different faiths and religions are commendable. He served as member of various socio-cultural organisations. But he never became member of any political party though deeply interested in the political processes of the country and shows utmost tolerance and respect for all groups of people following contradictory ideas and ways of life. Interested in everything under the sun, he upholds high values in personal and private life.

Mr. Razack attended many national and international conferences and presented papers on various subjects including poverty alleviation, sociology, healthcare, environment, human rights and world peace. He has contacts with individuals and organisations working in different fields including parlimentarians, statesmen, intelligentsia, social activists, men of letters and arts.

Mr. Razack leads a simple, single and principled life continuing the crusade against corruption, injustice and disorder on the one hand and the quest for truth and justice with unfailing spirits of patriotism and human brotherhood on the other. His style of functioning is unique being honestly interested in everything under the sun. An inexpressible personality, he is indifferent to publicity, personal benefits, recognition and honors. At the same time he casts an everlasting spell of extreme generosity and Divine Grace on one’s first meeting with him. None could decipher from a distance the depth of the versatility of his personality, attainments and the wide range of his activities. Nor can anybody gauge his many-splintered career with glittering and highly elevating qualities of head and heart. His qualities of resilience, resourcefulness, resolution and steadiness are of rare in nature in the present-day world society.