in the life of T.K.ABDUL RAZACK

Abdul Razack is born as the fifth son of T.K Imbichi Bava Musaliar at the village of Payyadimeethal in Kozhikode, Kerala State, India.


Begins to take some liquid foods other than mother's milk as available at home and begins to move around the house


Begins to speak small words in mother tongue Malayalam and begins to stand and walk.


First journey in memory outside the village with mother to her ancestral village.


Begins to learn Arabic-Malayalam joining the iocal madrasah.


Begins to learn Malayalam alphabets reading and writing them wherever possible.


Gets admitted to the local goverment lover primary school in the first standard. Circumcision is done as part of religious practices.


Begins to take normal mixed food items available at the home.


Begins to read the headlines of some Malayalam newspapers and magazines for children.


Begins to engage in plays and games items with other children.


Gets admitted to the Puthurmadam aided Mappila upper primary school in the fifth standard.


Begins to take interest and take part in arts and sports events items and school-level competitions.


Begins to read books and periodicals in Malayalam.Begins a manuscript magazine containing literary pieces and news items in Malayalam entitled 'Vidya'.


Gets admitted to the Pantheerankavu High School in eight standard.


Wins prizes in school level arts and literary competitions.


Read the autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi,'the Story of My Experiments with Truth' in Malayalam.


Passed the S.S.L.C Examination. Gets admitted to the St.Joseph's College,Devagiri. Begins to write diary of important events and mental processes. Reads Qur'an with translation and commentary in Malayalam.


Begins to learn Indian and foreigh languages as a hobby. Reads Bhagavad Gita and Bible(old and new testaments) in English.


Reads Vedas,Upanishads and classics Also reads major literary works including the plays of Shakespeare.


Begins to take active interest in public affairs and current national and international events and movements. Begins collecting paper cuttings as a hobby


Goes through the complete volumes of the Encyclopaedia Britannica. Begins to show active interest in the socio-economic affairs and processes of the country.


Graduates from the University of Calicut. Gets admitted to the course at the Zamorin's Guruvayurappan College,Calicut.


Appears on the stage for the first time and faces the audience. Gets permanent posting as an office assistant in the University of Calicut.


Passes the M.A.Degree Examination in Economics from the University of Calicut. Reads several books on Indian and Western philosophy including 'Das Capital' by Marx.


Appears for the post of Lecturer at the Farook College,Does not get selected.


Resigns the job at the University. Opts for a life of poverty,service and sacrifice seeking the fundamental truths and higher values of life. Studies naturopathy from an institute in Mumbai.


Resigns the job at the University. Opts for a life of poverty,service and sacrifice seeking the fundamental truths and higher values of life. Studies naturopathy from an institute in Mumbai.


Does different types of works in various fields and places in and outside Kerala. Begins to teach students from at different levels from primary to post graduation. Begins to practice and instruct people on nature cure freely.


Becomes interested in Ideas like universal humanism,individual freedom and peaceful co-existence. Passes M.A.Degree Examination in Sociology from the University of Calicut.


Works as a research investigator on tribal societies in Kerala as instructed by Dr. A.Ayyappan,former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Kerala and eminent anthropologist. Failes to get financial support from anywhere.Has to abandon the research work.


January : Begins to publishes articles in periodicals and journals along with other activities.

April : Attends a seminar on Quest for New Science at Algarh and presents a paper on Scientific Education in India - A critical View.

July : Does experiments on the correlation between diet habits,health status and personality based on personal experiences.


Attends the All India Nature Cure Conference in New Delhi.


Joins for M.Phil Course at the JNU,New Delhi.Undertakes nation-wide tour with the message of unity,harmony and national integration.


Submits a thesis entitled 'Natural and environmental Hazards and the Future of Our Children' to the UN University,Tokyo.


Attends an international conference on the Indian health traditions at Rishikesh. Visits many places of interest and importance in the Himalayas.


Attends he All India Convention on Panchayati Raj convened by the Prime Minister in New Delhi. Meets and exchanges ideas and views with freedom fighters, statesmen, academics, parliamentarians,intellectuals and other prominent persons from all walks of life. Forms the National Forum of Constructive Workers at a meeting convened at Calicut.


Marries to a school headmistress as per the wishes of others.Soon gets separated and later divorced by mutual consent. Decides to associate only with person(s) who cherish higher and realistic views, outlooks and vision on life. Gets published the first book on healthy good life entitled 'Arogyajeevitham' by the B.S.S.Siddhashram,Alathur.


Works in association with the Sivananda International Yoga Vedanta Centre. Becomes part.of a non-governmental 'think tank'to advise the government and the public on the problems and issues faced by them.


Works as the honorary director of the employment guidance centre at Malappuram. Undertakes seven-day fast for Hindu-Muslim amity and unity from December 6. Conducts study-tour the life and culture of the people of India with financial assistance from the Kerala Sahitya Academy.


Receives D.Sc.Degree (Hon.causa) from the International Open University of Colombo. Has correspondence with world leaders and personalities on peace,poverty alleviation and development. Participates in the World Congress of Sociology. Conducts studies-cum-awareness campaign for the youth on HIV/AIDS.


Publishes a booklet on healthy life(Arogyageetham) and distributes about one lakh copies free of cost. Associates with the project of 'Total Literacy and Disease-free Village - Pantheerankavu.


Completes free consultation and guidance 1000 persons with physical and mental complaints. Works for rural development and grass root level planning in association with the All India Academy of Gandhian Philosophy of Rural Development and Economic Independence.


Undertakes an extensive program of house-visits among the poor,the dalits and the slum-dwellers. Does participatory research on the socio-economic status of the slum-dwellers and the street people of the cities of Kerala.


March : Attends the All India Conference of Constructive Workers in Jammu.

August : Conducts a study on the topic,'independent India -Yesterday,Today and Tomorrow'in connection with the Golden Jubilee of our independence.


February : Expounds on 'the FREEDOM' and the Freedom Village Movement.

May : Becomes an Hon.Adviser of the International Institute for Studies on Peace and Development,New York.

August : Launches the International Campaign for propagation of the Indian Heritage of Peace and Coexistence.


March : Begins a fast for world peace and reorganisation of the UNO at Raj Ghat,New Delhi.

June : Begins a research study on 'the Socio-political Processes and the Youth in Indian Cities' -A study with special reference to Kozhikode.


April : Publishes the book,'2000 A. D.:New Challenges and New Horizons'.Introduces the concept of 'Community Homes' to solve the problems faced by the countries of the Third World.

Nov : Publishes a collection of poems in Malayalam entitled 'Aksharathettukal'.


January : Begins one hundred lectures on 'Peace and Development' to mark the New (third) Millennium.

July : Undertakes massive field work on poverty alleviation in Rural India.


June : Publishes the book 'Towards a Millennium of Peace'.

August : Works on two new books,'the Discovery of Life' and 'the Conquest of Time' (both unpublished)


March : Publishes 'Odd Revelations',A Collection of !01 Selected Poems' in English.

Sept :Publishes 'Major Contributions' (A Collection of ten outstanding papers on different subjects).

October : Expounds on the the term 'Metaspiritualism' being an explanation of and a solution for the problems faced by human beings.

Nov : Launches a world-wide campaign for a unified harmonious stand by all religious faiths for maintaining peace and safeguarding human rights.


February : Begins to deliver about one thousand lectures all over the country on the theme 'A strong,united and peaceful India'.

Nov : Publishes a collection of 33 new poems entitled 'The Eye of the World '.


May : Conducts study on the role of community leaders and religious professionals for peaceful,just and secure life for the people.

Dec : Works on a natural disaster management plan in the wake of the tsunami.


January : Launches the 'Great Fight for the Essential Freedom of life for the human beings at all levels and areas.


January : Began to observe the year as 'The Year of Silence' with the message of 'Think,think and rethink before we speak and act'.


January : Decides to observe the year as 'the Year of Mutual Understanding and Enlightenment'.

Jan 2 : Conducts Annual Lecturer on the topic,'New Challenges and New Horizons'

Jan 11 : Death occurred of mother at the A.M.Hospital,Pantheerankave at 7.30 am.


January : Death occurred of father at the age of 96.

Dec : Completes the Calicut Marathon conducted by IIM .


February : Becomes the Chairman of Citizens with Responsible and Independent Conscience.

May : New book 'Discovery Of life' is publlished.

June : Founded the Calicut Research and Information Center (CRIC)at Kozhikode


Feb : Accepts Doctorate (Hon.Causa) Degree from the OIUCM, Colombo

Mar : Website is launched.


March : Participates in the 31st National Conference on Nature Cure and Yoga after a gap of 20 years.

June : Launches the project "Take a Broom in your Hand" for making people aware of the importance of cleanliness and hygiene in and outside house.


May : Receives the International Peace Prize of the United Cultural Organization, New York, USA

June : Shifts to a small house nearby the old ancestral house.

Sep : Begins foreign tour.

Oct : Visited Mecca & Madina and Perfumed Hajj for the first time.

Dec : Published "Njan Kanda Gandhiji" in Malayalam


Jan : Published "Manushyante Mahatuam" in Malayalam